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The Hon Melissa Price MP

Minister for Defence Industry

Minister for Science and Technology

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25 February 2022

MELISSA PRICE: Thank you, Premier. Great to be here. And I think it's fair to say given the comments from our Prime Minister and the Premier that there's never been a better time or more important time for us to be focusing on the development of our space industry. The Morrison government is very ambitious for our space industry. We've already invested $850,000,000, and today we're talking about continuing with that investment, just like we've done with our defense industry here in South Australia, where we're determined that we're going to grow our capability more and more.

And in fact, once we fill up Lot 14 - and I'm sure that's not very far away Premier, you'll then have to think about what Lot 15 looks like because we are on the move. We are going to space. Today's announcement focuses on two areas. The first area is making sure that if you're an innovator, you're just leaving uni, or indeed, you're someone already here in Lot 14, and you want to get your technology into space, you want to test it out. That's a very expensive exercise. We've been hearing about that today. So what we're going to do, obviously, with our Australian Space Agency, we're going to work hard to make sure that we help to invest in effectively a ticket to ride. So that's the first part of the announcement. The second part relates to launch sites. So if you like, the airports for space missions, and that will be incredibly important for us, we're co-investing to develop three space ports around Australia, as you can imagine, in regional areas, that will be very important. And this is going to make us globally competitive, and this is going to ensure that Australia gets to the attention of the overseas market. And I'm sure there's plenty of people here in Lot 14 that are thinking about how they're going to be involved in the next launch of their fabulous product. Thank you.

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