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The Hon Dan Tehan MP

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12 December 2017

Minister for Defence Personnel Dan Tehan said the nation’s 39,000 Reservists would be better protected by recent changes to legislation.

Mr Tehan said amendments to the Defence Reserve (Protection) Act 2001 would provide Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reservists with an unprecedented level of protection when they were absent from their civilian employment or academic studies to undertake Reserve duty.

Under the amendments all Reserve service is classified as ‘protected’ under the Act, giving greater certainty to Reserve members about their rights when rendering service in the ADF.

“These provisions will provide greater protections to Reserve members undertaking ADF service,” Mr Tehan said.

“Reserve members will not be deprived of their civilian work unfairly and Reserve members have the right to be absent from their civilian workplace without consequence while rendering defence service.

“Education providers will also be required to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate the absence of Reserve members on ADF service.

“Reservists are integral to the ADF’s workforce capability, and these changes will enhance the support provided by the Reserve component of the Defence workforce.”

Other changes to the Act will ensure ADF Reservists are better protected against harassment and victimisation in their civilian workplaces and against discrimination in business partnerships, with penalties for employers and business partners who discriminate on the basis of Reserve service.

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