Minister for Defence - Australia's contribution to the fight against Daesh

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Senator the Hon Marise Payne

Minister for Defence

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  • Henry Budd (Minister Payne’s office) 0429 531 143
  • Defence Media (02) 6127 1999

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13 January 2016

The US has asked 40 or so other countries, including European countries, to consider expanded contributions to the coalition, following the attacks in Paris.

Australia has considered the request from US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter in light of the substantial contributions we are already making to train Iraqi security forces and to the air campaign.

The Government has advised Secretary Carter that our existing contributions will continue.

Australia is also well placed to make a very important contribution to command roles, and we will also increase the number of ADF personnel in coalition headquarters from 20 to 30.

Our aircraft in the Middle East are available to provide additional airlift support to benefit coalition humanitarian efforts.

The Australian Government is also considering providing further humanitarian support for Syria and Iraq in the coming months.

The Australian Government continues to keep our contribution under ongoing review in consultation with our coalition partners.

Media contacts:

Henry Budd (Minister Payne's office) 0429 531 143

Defence Media Operations (02) 6127 1999

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