Official Opening of the Campbell Barracks Health Centre - Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne WA

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The Hon Andrew Hastie MP

Assistant Minister for Defence

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Ella Kenny 0437 702 111

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6 April 2022


It’s great to be here with you at Campbell Barracks—a place I thought I knew well, I didn’t realise that the Health Centre had been relocated to the other side so I ended up at the wrong gate this morning — but it’s great to be back here and a lot has changed in the last 6 or 7 years since I left.

I would like to acknowledge:

My Federal Colleague, Celia Hammond, who’s such a great advocate for Defence, 13 Brigade, SASR, really hard working Member for Curtin, it’s great to have you here for this opening this morning;

Commodore Nicole Curtis, Director General Garrison Health;

Our Host, Commanding Officer Joint Health Unit – Western Australia, Commander Gavin Milkins;

Aunty Shirly Mooney OAM, how are you M?

Senior ADF Personnel;

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s an honour to join you today for the official opening of this Health Centre, which was postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the outset, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all health care personnel in the ADF for your dedicated efforts over the past two years to combat the pandemic. It’s been a huge task.

The profession of arms is a tough and—at times—dangerous job.

We owe it to our Defence Force personnel to give them the best medical care, here in barracks and out in the field—on operations. 
We need them to be fit to fight, fit to work and fit for life. 

This $17 million dollar, carefully crafted facility is designed to meet that obligation 
And deliver the best health care to our Defence members in the Perth metropolitan area 
Including allied personnel visiting from overseas or on exercise. 

We will see more of our allies as we make AUKUS a reality over the coming decade. 
Many of you would have seen the joint statement from President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison overnight. 

AUKUS is progressing and we are going to see a lot of work done right here in Western Australia, and that’s a good thing not just for this state, for the economy, and for our country.

This state-of-the-art facility delivers integrated primary health care, dental services, mental health care, physiotherapy, rehabilitation services and a pharmacy.

23 staff work here, including military personnel, public servants and contract health professionals.

Is Dr. John Henderson still here? He is? He was my GP for 5 or 6 years, he knows all my secrets.

It is one element of the Australian Government’s more than $250 million dollar investment in new and upgraded health facilities across the nation, as part of the Joint Health Command Garrison Health Facilities Upgrade Project.

We know just how important this facility is. I know it myself—having received care here myself during my time at SASR.

I want to thank everyone involved in building this health centre for their hard work.

When you work on a Defence project you are building our nation’s security.

And I know from talking to tradies working on Defence projects around the state and over East that they are very proud of their role and the trust we place in them to get the job done on time and on budget. 

The Australian Government has made significant defence investments in Western Australia. 
From the $34 million dollars’ worth of construction right here at Campbell Barracks for facilities to support the new Land 121 vehicle fleet 
To the multi-million dollar shipbuilding program at Henderson, where construction of the Evolved Cape Class Patrol Boats and the Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessels is well underway 
To the $4.3 billion investment for a large-vessel dry dock to support our fleet and our allies’ in the Indian Ocean region well into the future

To the re-raising of the 10th Light Horse, such a historic regiment, it’s great to see that returning to full strength as we bolster our Defence footprint right here in Western Australia

All these investments – and many more – signal the strategic importance of Western Australia to our defence

And the recognition of our role in safeguarding Australia’s sovereignty and securing stability in our region.  

Those investments are critical, but there is no question that our people are the leading of our capability.

Their mastery at arms, their courage and their teamwork are ultimately what keeps Australia safe.

This facility is an investment in them.

On that note, I am pleased and proud to declare the Campbell Health Centre officially open. 
Thank you.



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