New grants for Defence industry to support strategic priorities

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8 September 2023

The Albanese Government is delivering critical capabilities to Defence with new rounds of grants with a focus on building a sovereign Defence industry, directed towards strategic priorities outlined in the Defence Strategic Review.

Seven Australian businesses have been awarded grants worth a total of $3.8 million under the Defence Global Competitiveness program and the Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority program.

These grants provide up to half the cost of a project to help Australian businesses build capabilities crucial for Defence and to overcome barriers for Defence exports.

Grants have been awarded for the following projects:

  • Advanced Navigation (NSW) is receiving $830,665 for a custom fibre optic coil winding system for strategic-grade fibre optic gyroscope inertial navigation systems. These are used for accurate positioning, autonomous capability and high value asset tracking.
  • Frontline Safety Australia (NSW) is receiving $494,343 for a lens cutting machine to produce ballistic protective eyewear as a component of the Ballistic and Laser Ocular Protection System (BLOPS) program.
  • Adelaide Profile Services (SA) is receiving $781,018 for an advanced computerised numerical control dual thermal gantry for processing large non-conventional steel plates, such as those required for naval shipbuilding.
  • Quantx Labs (SA) is receiving $589,000 to establish a hybrid integration facility for compact quantum sensors which provide precise timing functions within situational awareness capabilities, such as the Joint Operational Radar Network.
  • Redline Engineering (VIC) is receiving $676,793 for multi-axis machining and dimensional verification capability. This will support production of complex mechanical components such as radar, small arms and munitions.
  • Muir Engineering (TAS) is receiving $300,000 in two grants. They are for the acquisition and commission of computerised numerical control machining capabilities, and a two-tonne capacity gantry crane for manufacturing of anchoring equipment for international defence shipbuilding markets.
  • George Lovitt Manufacturing (VIC) is receiving $150,000 for coordinate measuring machines for quality control of larger manufactured components. This will support international defence projects such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

To date, more than 200 Australian businesses have benefitted from the two grant programs. Companies are invited to apply for grant support through:

Potential applicants are encouraged to access the Guidance to Applicants before submitting:

Quotes attributable to the Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Pat Conroy MP:

“The Albanese Government is strongly committed to supporting a thriving sovereign Australian Defence industry, which is the cornerstone of delivering the national Defence priorities outlined by the Defence Strategic Review.”

“These grant programs support Australian businesses to continue world-class manufacturing, serving Australia’s Defence needs, and providing the boost that’s needed to turn their cutting edge capabilities into successful defence exports.”

“These grants are helping to grow Australia’s Defence industry, which employs tens of thousands of hardworking Australians, creating more jobs and opportunities and contributing significantly to our national economy.”

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