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The Hon Melissa Price MP

Minister for Defence Industry

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The Hon Karen Andrews MP

Minister for Home Affairs

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The Hon Andrew Hastie MP

Assistant Minister for Defence

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25 November 2021

Joint media release: 

  • Minister for Home Affairs, Member for McPherson, the Hon Karen Andrews MP
  • Assistant Minister for Defence, Member for Canning, the Hon Andrew Hastie MP

The Morrison Government is ensuring all Australians, especially business owners, have greater access to cyber security advice through an enhanced national Cyber Security Hotline.

The expansion of the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) 24-hour call centre capabilities will particularly benefit small and medium-sized business owners and older Australians.

Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price, who officially launched the expanded hotline at the Australian Cyber Security Centre in Canberra today, said cyberattacks – including ransomware raids and business email compromise – were getting more sophisticated and destructive.

“The ACSC’s latest Annual Cyber Threat Report shows the cyber threats facing Australian small and medium-sized businesses are growing and it is a sharp reminder that heartless cybercriminals have them well and truly in their sights,” Minister Price said.

“This includes the hundreds of Australian businesses in the defence sector that provide critical services and know-how for the nation.

“Successful businesses mean a successful Australia. We will not tolerate threats or impediments to their growth.”

Minister Price said the ACSC’s expert advice and assistance was only a phone call away through the enhanced Australian Cyber Security Hotline (1300 CYBER1), operating day and night, seven days a week.

“This Hotline should be the first number Australians call when they need cyber security help or advice,” she said.

“We need to use every advantage we can to retain the edge over our cyber adversaries, which is why I’m pleased we have another capability in Australia’s cyber arsenal.

“Our security circumstances are changing rapidly. Technology is evolving quicker than we imagined even a few years ago, so we need to be able to respond to threats quickly in our increasingly connected world.”

Minister for Home Affairs, the Hon Karen Andrews MP, said no one can afford to be apathetic about their cyber security, and the ACSC’s Hotline will help small and medium business owners better protect their operations and livelihoods. 

"We’ve seen an increase in cybercrime, including ransomware attacks, and small and medium businesses are not immune,” Minister Andrews said.

“The hotline builds on the Morrison Government’s strong, tangible actions to safeguard Australia’s digital future, and will provide a valuable resource to small and medium businesses, which are such a critical part of our economy.”

Last financial year the hotline received a record 22,000 calls, or an average of 60 each day.

Assistant Minister for Defence, the Hon Andrew Hastie MP, said this is why the Government has expanded its capacity.

“The improved call centre and expanded ACSC partnership program provide help and cyber security advice to all Australians when they need it,” Assistant Minister Hastie said.

In addition to the Hotline, the ACSC has released new online learning resources offering simple-to-follow cyber security advice for all Australian businesses and individuals, available at cyber.gov.au/learn.

“Cyber is the new battlefield and the protection of our nation depends on every one of us doing the basic things to protect ourselves online, by following the advice available through the ACSC,” Assistant Minister Hastie said.

Cyber security information and advice for Australian individuals, businesses and organisations is available at cyber.gov.au. If you have been a victim of cybercrime, please report it through ReportCyber at cyber.gov.au/report.

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