Minister for Defence - Enhanced communications network capability for the ADF

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The Hon Kevin Andrews MP

Minister for Defence

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26 June 2015

The Australian Government has given second pass approval for LAND 2072 Phase 2B to provide the Australian Defence Force with the next generation of battlespace telecommunications network capability, with an acquisition program cost of around $900 million.

Approval of this project is a critical milestone in achieving a modern, networked Army. This equipment will enable deployed forces to operate more effectively, providing digital communications from theatre headquarters to the unit-level.

This project will enable Army and elements of the Air Force and Navy to replace ageing mobile communications and computer networks. It will provide commanders with an increased level of situational awareness, command and control, and information sharing capability.

In particular, this system will use leading-edge digital wideband voice, data and video services over wireless and wired infrastructure to improve the capacity, flexibility and responsiveness of the Australian Defence Force information exchange during operations.

Access to, and exchange of, large amounts of multimedia data is becoming increasingly important for the effective conduct of operations. With this equipment, the Australian Defence Force’s capability to use modern information technology to link sensors, weapon systems, commanders and personnel in a networked environment will be greatly enhanced.

The preferred solution for the requirement is offered by an Australian team comprising Boeing Defence Australia, GH Varley and Harris Communications Australia. The program will also incorporate modern deployable computer networks sourced from Thales Australia.

The LAND 2072 Phase 2B program is expected to result in the employment of about 250 people across Australia in the defence industry sector.

Initial Operational Capability is expected in 2017, with Final Operational Capability in 2020.

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Chloe Petch (Minister Andrews’ Office) 0477 395 356
Defence Media Operations (02) 6127 1999

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