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The Hon Kevin Andrews MP

Minister for Defence

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29 April 2015

Defence has increased its support to Nepal with a second RAAF C-17A Globemaster III strategic airlift aircraft supporting the delivery of aid assistance as part of Operation Nepal Assist 2015.

Two C-17As departed RAAF Base Amberley this morning, carrying nearly 15 tonnes of Australian aid, including:

 - Six tonnes of tarpaulins

 - 5 tonnes of wool blankets

 - 80,000 Aqua Tab water purification tablets

 - Over six tonnes of health supplies

A RAAF Aero Medical Evacuation team will deploy on each aircraft to assist any injured evacuees if required.

Specialist Defence logistic staff will also assist with the transportation of evacuees on the C-17s. Evacuation flights will continue between Kathmandu and Bangkok until they are no longer required.

Additional specialist Defence personnel will provide support to embassy staff in Kathmandu.

The two aircraft will overnight in Bangkok and are then planned to fly into Nepal on Thursday, once the Australian aircraft has been granted access to Kathmandu International Airport.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are suffering as a result of this earthquake.

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