Minister for Defence - First Pass approval for ANZAC Air Search Radar Replacement

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The Hon Kevin Andrews MP

Minister for Defence

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27 March 2015

The Australian Government had provided First Pass approval for project SEA 1448 Phase 4B – ANZAC Air Search Radar Replacement.

The ANZAC frigates use their air search radar to scan at long ranges for potential threats. The radar is an integral part of a modern warship and important for ensuring the safety of the vessel and other friendly ships in dangerous areas. The current ANZAC radar is old and requires replacement with modern technology to maintain the robust front-line capability provided by these ships.

In addition to the radar replacement, there will be an upgrade to the Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) capability to comply with future military and civil Secondary Surveillance Radar aviation requirements.

The project intends to replace the ageing long-range radar onboard the ANZAC class frigates with significantly more capable radar, with integrated and upgraded IFF capability, currently under development by CEA Technologies in Canberra.

CEA is an internationally recognised Australian company that developed the successful Anti-Ship Missile Defence ‘CEAFAR’ radar currently being installed on the ANZAC frigates.

The new radar will build on this successful technology to deliver a generational improvement over the current ANZAC long-range radar. The CEA long-range radar is expected to provide earlier warning of potential threats and greater situational awareness to the ship and the task group. The two radars share the same design principles and will provide a significant capability advantage to our ships.

The Department of Defence will continue to work with CEA to successfully develop this new technology. As part of a Risk Reduction Program with CEA, the technology is expected to be demonstrated in 2015?16. In the event that the Risk Reduction Program is not successful, Defence may consider military?off?the?shelf radar options.

Government will consider the next steps for the project at Second Pass approval planned for 2016-17.

The new capability is forecast to be in service by the end of the decade. It is expected that it will be supported by Australian industry throughout its life.

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