The Hon. Kevin Andrews MP

Minister for Defence

The Hon Kevin Andrews MP Minister for Defence

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The Hon. Stuart Robert MP

Assistant Minister for Defence

The Hon Stuart Robert MP

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The Hon. Darren Chester MP

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence

The Hon Darren Chester MP Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence

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Portfolio Responsibilities

Oversight of all aspects of the Defence portfolio and lead on all Cabinet and National Security Committee submissions, with specific responsibility for:

Capability responsibilities:

  • The Defence Capability Plan
  • Defence materiel acquisition – major and minor – and sustainment
  • Industry capacity, structure, policy and engagement
Assist the Minister for Defence by providing oversight of:Defence support, specifically:

  • Corporate services
  • Non-materiel procurement
  • Corporate communications and information management
  • Ministerial support

Information and communications technology, specifically:

  • Corporate systems
  • ICT shared services, including hardware and applications support
  • The Single Information Environment
  • ICT capital projects for which the Chief Information Officer is the capability manager
  • ICT reform and standardisation

Personnel policy and implementation, specifically:

  • Personnel policy, including workforce planning
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Reserves
  • Pay and superannuation
  • Equity and diversity
  • Defence families and community organisations
  • Housing policy
  • Defence Housing Australia contractual matters
  • Health (including Work Health and Safety)

Science and technology policy, specifically:

  • Strategic direction
  • External engagement
  • Support to operations

Commonwealth corporate entities, for the purposes of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, other than those that are the responsibility of the Minister for Defence.

Assist the Minister for Defence on:

  • Defence estate policy and major projects
  • Garrison support
  • Skills policy
  • Equipment disposal
  • Military justice
  • Medals and awards
  • Parliamentary Exchange Program
  • Navy, Army and Air Force Cadets
  • Industry engagement