Remarks at the signing of the exchange of naval nuclear propulsion information agreement, Parliament House, Canberra

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The Hon Peter Dutton MP

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22 November 2021

I’d like to offer some warm words of welcome to High Commissioner Vicki Treadell, thank you very much for being here Vicki. Thank you so much for your support over a long period of time and the future obviously is very important to this arrangement and I’m very grateful for your personal commitment.

To Mike Goldman as well; thank you very much for your commitment Mike, it has been quite remarkable and for the way which we have been able to work together here in Australia, but the way which we have been able to reach back into your respective countries, I think is a great credit to you and your staff, so I'm very grateful for that.

Also thank you very much to Secretary Moriarty as well for being here; Greg for your leadership and also to the CDF; Angus, thank you very much again for the team that you put together. Jonathan Mead and Scott and others, it’s really a first-class effort.

I'm incredibly proud of what we've been able to achieve under AUKUS and this agreement today will allow for the first time ever, the sharing of information, particularly in relation to nuclear propulsion system of the submarine to be shared with Australia in a way that’s only been shared between the United States and the United Kingdom up until now.

So it's a remarkable achievement and it’s the next step in bringing into fruition the submarines and other deals under AUKUS which are all going to be very important, so thank you all very much.


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