Minister for Defence - Transcript - Door stop interview, executions in Indonesia

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The Hon Kevin Andrews MP

Minister for Defence

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29 April 2015

Topic: Execution of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, Door stop interview, Canberra


The fact that the executions were announced on Anzac Day, the treatment of the families, the fact that spiritual advisers were denied, as I understand, in the last period of their lives, all suggests, or reeks of, a calculated snub at Australia. And if that’s the case then I think that this is a very serious miscalculation on the behalf of the leadership of Indonesia.


Julie Bishop held a press conference recently and has said that our Ambassador to Indonesia has been recalled, or has been told to come home, do you see that as a fitting move so far and are there other things you would like to see happen?


Withdrawing an Ambassador is a very significant decision by the Government of any country, and to do that sends a clear message to the leadership of Indonesia that this is a deliberate culpable snub of Australia. We have reached out in friendship over a long period of time to Indonesia and the way in which this has occurred, the Government has been saying for weeks and months that ...


….so many representations have been made and so much effort has been put into having the executions delayed or put off all together. How frustrating is it that to know that was fruitless in the end?


Well particularly for Australia, I think we face a situation in Indonesia were we have a President whose in the weaker situation and sometimes people in weak situations take action which they think maybe exhibit strength. If that has been the case here, then as I’ve said earlier, this is a serious miscalculation on behalf of the President of Indonesia. Australians are friendly towards the Indonesian people, but in this case we believe their leadership has let them down.


And just lastly, what else would you like to see happen now? What’s the course of action?


Well obviously the Cabinet and the National Security Committee will have discussions about this. I can’t make any predictions on what those discussions will lead to, but obviously we take this very seriously.

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