Minister for Defence Industry Naval Group's new Port Adelaide office

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The Hon Melissa Price MP

Minister for Defence Industry

Minister for Science and Technology

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16 October 2020


As Australia’s Minister for Defence Industry, I am excited to support Naval Group’s efforts to deliver Australia’s Future Submarine Program.

The opening of your new office is the latest chapter in what is a book about Australian jobs and Australian capability.

It reinforces Naval Group’s commitment to Australia’s defence industry and investment in the partnership we share.

I was pleased to visit your Cherbourg site last year and meet young Australian engineers who are gaining world-class experience to bring back home.

The knowledge they gain will enhance the Future Submarine Program and Australia’s growing defence industry; There’s a generation of jobs in our Future Submarine Program.

Today’s opening is a vote of confidence in both Australia’s economy and our growing defence industry.

Congratulations and best wishes to Naval Group, your team in Adelaide and across the world.


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