Australia and Japan strengthen security cooperation

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The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

Prime Minister of Australia

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The Hon Richard Marles MP

Deputy Prime Minister

Minister for Defence

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Senator the Hon Penny Wong

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22 October 2022

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and His Excellency Mr Kishida Fumio, Prime Minister of Japan, have today signed a landmark Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation (JDSC), renewing a 2007 commitment to closer defence and security cooperation. 

The updated JDSC charts a path for closer cooperation between Australia and Japan over the next decade, reflecting the strong and growing strategic alignment of the two countries.

It recognises the contemporary security context, and will expand and strengthen cooperation across defence, intelligence sharing, energy transition, climate change, humanitarian assistance and disaster response, health security, maritime security and economic security.

It reflects a deep and shared commitment to pursuing and realising a free and open Indo-Pacific that is inclusive and resilient. Both countries commit to consult each other on contingencies that may affect their sovereignty and regional security interests, and consider measures in response.

Australia and Japan share a Special Strategic Partnership – the relationship is fundamental to both countries’ strategic and economic interests.

The updated JDSC builds on the foundations of significant trade, investment, defence and security ties, the deep affinity between peoples, and shared values of democracy, human rights, free trade and a rules-based international order.

Together with the Australia–Japan Reciprocal Access Agreement, the updated JDSC will drive a broadening and deepening of defence and security engagement over the next decade, including closer cooperation on defence capabilities, and more sophisticated training between defence forces.

Quotes attributable to Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese:

“The Australia–Japan relationship is unique and of benefit to the whole region given our shared values and interests. 

“Together we are accelerating each other’s efforts to realise a stable, open and prosperous Indo-Pacific.

“The signing of the updated Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation today will serve as a compass for our security cooperation for the next decade.

Quotes attributable to Deputy Prime Minister, Richard Marles:

“Australia and Japan are committed to strengthening regional stability and building regional resilience, including through further deepening of our close and enduring defence cooperation.

“The updated JDSC builds on the Reciprocal Access Agreement and will guide the continued enhancement of interoperability between our defence forces.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator Penny Wong:

“The updated JDSC is a significant milestone for Australia and Japan as we work together and with our neighbours to realise a stable, peaceful and prosperous region.”


For further information the Joint Declaration can be found here, and the Joint Statement can be found here.

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