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The Hon Andrew Hastie MP

Assistant Minister for Defence

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Ella Kenny 0437 702 111

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3 May 2021

Updating the software on electronic devices is one of the easiest and most important ways Australians can protect themselves from cybercriminals and defend against online threats. 

Assistant Minister for Defence, the Hon Andrew Hastie MP, said just as we shouldn’t leave our doors and windows open at home, we shouldn’t leave our devices with outdated software and apps. 

“Cybercriminals are constantly taking advantage of gaps in security to steal data and money from devices we use every day,” said Assistant Minister Hastie.

“Software developers regularly issue updates for their products to plug these gaps when they are identified, as well as to improve functionality.” 

“Shut the door on cybercriminals by regularly updating your device software. Better yet, set up the automatic update feature so you don’t have to think about it.”

Easy-to-follow advice on how to update common software on Microsoft, Apple and Android devices is available at www.cyber.gov.au

Updates is the latest theme in the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Act Now Stay Secure campaign.

Cybercrime can be reported through ReportCyber which is managed by the ACSC on behalf of law enforcement agencies, providing a single online portal for individuals and businesses to report cyber incidents.

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