Morrison Government provides path to exciting career in naval shipbuilding

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The Hon Melissa Price MP

Minister for Defence Industry

Minister for Science and Technology

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11 December 2020

The Morrison Government’s Naval Shipbuilding College has released a catalogue of education and training courses to help job seekers secure employment in the growing shipbuilding sector.

Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price said the increasing list of shipbuilding and Defence focused courses would provide direct pathways to thousands of job opportunities created by the Government’s unprecedented naval investment.

“The new catalogue contains 80 short courses from 28 national education and training providers, including bridging and specialist courses,” Minister Price said.

“It also includes 600 entry-level courses that are offered in universities or TAFEs in every state and territory. 

“The Naval Shipbuilding College has worked with major shipbuilding contractors to align these courses with a range of job roles in the naval shipbuilding industry.”

The Naval Shipbuilding College, established in 2018, provides jobseekers with tailored career and training advice.

This includes referrals to courses across an extensive national education and training provider network, with more than 900 jobseekers being referred to additional training.

“The Morrison Government’s continuous build program will see the greatest regeneration of Australia’s naval capability since the Second World War,” Minister Price said.

“More than $170 billion will be invested in the acquisition and upgrade of 23 classes of Navy and Army maritime vessels over the coming decades.

“This is a chance to join a stable and secure growth industry – and for individuals to become part of a naval shipbuilding legacy that will serve the nation and Australians for generations to come. 

“If you are interested in learning more about career opportunities in naval shipbuilding and want advice about courses, I recommend you connect with the Naval Shipbuilding College and join its national Workforce Register.”

Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise will employ more than 15,000 people – with trades to PhDs – to design, build, integrate and sustain Australia’s future fleet of naval vessels.

Education or training providers who wish to contribute to the Naval Shipbuilding College’s course catalogue should visit:

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