Task Group Taji a success

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Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds CSC

Minister for Defence

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Nicky Hamer (Minister Reynolds’ Office): +61 437 989 927

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5 June 2020

Australia has successfully completed its training mission at Taji Military Complex in Iraq.

Since 2015, Australia has trained more than 47,000 members of the Iraqi Security Forces through the joint Australia-New Zealand Building Partner Capacity Program. 

Australia’s support at Taji has enabled the Iraqi Security Forces to increase its capacity to deliver its own training and conduct independent operations.

This has been vital in Iraq’s ongoing battle to degrade and defeat Daesh.

Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds CSC commended the Australian Defence Force (ADF) for its contribution to Task Group Taji.

“The ADF has been at the very forefront of the work at Taji,” Minister Reynold’s said.

“Last year, I saw firsthand the incredible contribution our personnel have made at Taji, and had the opportunity to thank them for their significant efforts.”

“The substantial progress made against Daesh and the increased capacity of the Iraqi Security Forces means that our training mission at Taji has reached logical and natural conclusion.

In November 2019, Australia’s local partner, the Iraqi School of Infantry, was the first Coalition facility to declare full independent operating capability, enabling training responsibilities to be handed back to the Iraqi Government.

The tremendous effort by Task Group Taji over the years reflects the scale of Australia’s commitment to the Global Coalition and our determination for a united and stable Iraq.

Australia will continue to play a key role in the Global Counter Daesh Coalition and provide support to Iraq through contributions to the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service, Coalition air capabilities and Coalition headquarters.

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