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The Hon Christopher Pyne MP

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13 September 2018

The Defence Innovation Hub continues to award contracts to enhance Defence capability through innovation.

Minister for Defence, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, today announced three more Defence Innovation Hub contracts, investing $7.8 million in promising ideas that could provide the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with new and enhanced capabilities.

“This Government is continuing to develop a robust Australian defence industry that is innovative, sustainable and globally competitive,” Minister Pyne said.

Codarra Advanced Systems Pty Ltd was awarded a $1.5 million contract to further develop a lightweight handheld prototype device capable of detecting and countering unmanned aerial system threats.

If successful, the device could provide the ADF with the ability to both detect and counter unmanned aerial system threats from a single, lightweight device. The contract with Codarra will create additional jobs at the company’s Queanbeyan facility and add to Codarra’s electronic and cyber security capability.

Melbourne-based Memko Aviation Aerospace & Defence Pty Ltd was awarded a $4.1 million contract to develop a miniaturised Electronic Warfare payload capable of high‑fidelity live fire testing.

A further $282,000 was awarded to Sydney based AMSL Aero Pty Ltd to develop an autonomous, vertical take-off and landing aircraft for battlefield casualty evacuation and logistics support.

Minister Pyne said the Australian Government was committed to growing the capability and capacity of the Australian industry and innovation sector by removing barriers to doing business with Defence.

“Embracing new technologies and innovation is an essential part of modernising our Australian Defence Force and in ensuring they are equipped with cutting edge technology today and into the future.”

Industry and research organisations can submit proposals through the Defence Innovation Portal at

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