Local companies jump on board Future Submarines

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The Hon Christopher Pyne MP

Minister for Defence Industry

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9 August 2018

Australian companies are showing a high level of enthusiasm to be part of the Future Submarine Program.

The Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, said more than one thousand local businesses have formally registered their interest.

Naval Group, as our partner for the Future Submarines, and Lockheed Martin Australia as the combat system integrator, have held eight submarine industry days as part of ongoing engagement with local companies.

“As of 1 June 2018, 873 have registered interest with Naval Group, and 227 have registered interest with Lockheed Martin Australia,” Minister Pyne said. 

The list of what’s needed is long and includes everything from air conditioning equipment to titanium products.

“Maximising Australian industry’s involvement in the Future Submarine Program is vitally important to the construction and sustainment of the submarine fleet into the future.”

“This will create job opportunities across Australia and secure a long term sovereign and sustainable local shipbuilding industry.”

“It’s critical we establish the local capability to support the build, operation and sustainment of the Future Submarine fleet.”

The $50 billion Future Submarine Program is expected to generate an annual average of around 2,800 Australian jobs, with 1,100 direct and 1,700 in the supply chain.

Companies wishing to register interest can find further information at www.NavalGroupFutureSubmarine.icn.org.au and www.LMAFutureSubmarine.icn.org.au

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