Defence Innovation Hub awards latest tranche of contracts

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The Hon Christopher Pyne MP

Minister for Defence Industry

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18 July 2018

The Defence Innovation Hub continues to invest in Australian industry and research organisations to deliver innovative capability for Defence.

Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, today announced the latest Defence Innovation Hub contracts, investing $3.07 million in Australian businesses committed to innovating with Defence.

“The Hub is committed to working with Australian industry to foster innovation at various levels of technological maturity, transitioning from concept exploration through to a mature, useable capability for the Australian Defence Force,” Minister Pyne said.

Minister Pyne said the portfolio of Defence Innovation Hub projects was already addressing a wide spectrum of Defence gaps and opportunities to ensure that Defence remains resilient to emerging threats.

“The Government is committed to advancing defence capability through a $1.6 billion investment in defence industry and innovation over the decade to 2025–26, including around $640 million to support the development of innovative technologies through the Defence Innovation Hub,” he said.

The latest tranche of investment includes a $1.23 million contract with Saber Astronautics Pty Ltd to further explore its innovation following a successful phase one contract with the Defence Innovation Hub. This is the first Defence Innovation Hub project to progress to the next phase of development since the launch of the Hub in December 2016.

The Defence Innovation Hub enables Defence, industry and research organisations to collaborate on innovative technologies and ideas that can deliver leading-edge capabilities for Defence.

Industry and research organisations can submit proposals through the Defence Innovation Portal at

Contracts awarded today under the Defence Innovation Hub


Contract Value

Description of innovation

Saber Astronautics Pty Ltd (NSW)


To continue the development of machine learning technology for autonomous identification and modelling of electronic threats. The proposed innovation could provide an ability to quantify signal threat characteristics which could be used to help protect Defence systems.

Clinical Universe Pty Ltd (SA)


To explore a healthcare software capability to capture digital output from multiple ‘point of care’ devices and transfer it in standardised formats to relevant e-health systems. The proposed innovation could enable situational awareness of medical incidents, trends and patterns across geography and time.

Synthesis Technologies Pty Ltd (ACT)


To explore a high resolution mapping technology that could provide 3D situational awareness and mapping to Defence on a global scale, including in deep-water oceans. The proposed innovation could provide real-time visualisation streamed to Defence desktops, mobile devices, and virtual and augmented reality platforms.

SYPAQ Systems Pty Ltd (VIC)


To explore a handheld imaging device capable of blending different types of imagery together in real time. The proposed innovation could be mounted on unmanned aerial systems and assist the Australian Defence Force with the detection of improvised explosive devices.

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