Contribution of Lockheed Martin to Australia

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The Hon Christopher Pyne MP

Minister for Defence Industry

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28 June 2018

The Government’s commitment to a viable long term defence industry has been validated with the release of an independent report into Lockheed Martin Australia’s positive impact on the Australian economy.

Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, today released the KPMG report ‘The Economic Contribution of Lockheed Martin to Australia’ and notes that Lockheed Martin Australia’s workforce has increased by almost 100 per cent since 2016.

“As this report notes, for the year of 2016, Lockheed Martin Australia contributed an estimated $340 million to Australia’s GDP,” Minister Pyne said.

The report also states that earlier this year Lockheed Martin Australia had more than 900 employees in Australia. This has grown to over 1000 as of today, with the majority of these staff employed in regional locations across Australia.”

Minister Pyne said the report also provides a thorough overview of Lockheed Martin Australia’s products and programs in Australia, and the contribution the company makes to Australia’s security.

“Lockheed Martin is an industry leader in defence and technology and works with local partners to bring best practice and leading edge concepts and technology to Australia.

“Lockheed Martin Australia continues to provide efficient and effective defence capabilities to the Australian Defence Force including the Joint Strike Fighter, the design and integration of the combat system for Australia’s Future Submarines, next generation pilot training, and the Aegis combat system for Australia’s Air Warfare Destroyers and Future Frigates,” Minister Pyne said.

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