Future Submarine Trial Win for Bisalloy and BlueScope

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The Hon Christopher Pyne MP

Minister for Defence Industry

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6 April 2018

Aussie steel makers Bisalloy and BlueScope have had yet another win after a new contract was signed with Naval Group Australia to produce up to 250 tonnes of specialised steel.

The steel produced will be tested to determine whether it meets the specification for the pressure hull of our new Future Submarines, which is an essential safety requirement.

Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, congratulated Bisalloy, which has teamed up with BlueScope to produce the unique grade of steel required for the Future Submarines.

Minister Pyne said over the past 12 months Naval Group has been working with Bisalloy and BlueScope to develop and qualify Australian steel to meet the demanding specification required for our submarines.

“This will be the first time Australian industry has attempted to make this particular type of steel, demonstrating the ongoing opportunities for local industry within the Future Submarine Program,” Minister Pyne said.

“It’s great news for local workers and shows the confidence we have in Australian companies to contribute to this massive $50 billion dollar program.”

Australia’s fleet of 12 Future Submarines will be built by an Australian workforce in a new, dedicated Submarine Construction Yard in Adelaide.

 The Program is expected to generate an annual average of around 2,800 Australian jobs.

 Construction of the first Future Submarine is scheduled to commence in 2022-23

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