Australian company leading from the tail in global F-35 Program

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The Hon Christopher Pyne MP

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24 January 2018

Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, today opened Marand Precision Engineering’s F-35A Lightning II Vertical Tail manufacturing facility in Moorabbin, Victoria.

Supported by a Department of Defence New Air Combat Capability Industry Support Program grant, Minister Pyne said Marand recently finalised its expansion program to implement a fully integrated F-35A Vertical Tail manufacturing capability in Australia. This will create an additional 44 full time positions for Marand Precision Engineering, with flow on effects across the supply chain.

“Marand is now an established supplier of F-35A Vertical Tails, with Australian-produced tails on the aircraft of several F-35 Partner Nations,” Minister Pyne said

“Expected to generate a total of more than $1 billion in revenue over 20 years, Marand is a great example of the success Australian industry is experiencing through the global F-35 Program, ,” Minister Pyne said.

“By December 2016, Marand had received one third of the Australian contracts in the F-35 Program and continues to grow this market share, displaying how Australia’s innovative defence industry is proving its global competitiveness.”

“Marand currently employ around 240 people around Australia, 180 of who are located at the Moorabbin site, and 33 in the Vertical Tail Team.

Marand’s implementation of a fully integrated F-35A Vertical Tail manufacturing capability culminated in the installation of a Precision Milling Machine used measure precisely machine products to meet strict quality and capability requirements.

Marand signed a long-term agreement with BAE Systems UK in 2011 for the manufacture of Vertical Tails for the international Conventional Take-Off and Landing variant of the F-35.

In August 2017, the third Australian F-35A aircraft received its Australian-made, Marand-produced Vertical Tail as production of the aircraft neared completion.

Further information on Australian industry participation in the F-35 Program is available at:…

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