Government decision to create 150 new jobs in SA

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7 October 2017

SAAB Australia has today revealed that this week’s decision to award it with the contract to build the tactical interface for the new future frigates and the combat management system for future non-combat vessels will create approximately 150 new jobs.

On Tuesday the Prime Minister announced The Government had chosen to mandate that SAAB Australia to provide the Combat Management System – the brains of the ship - for all ships in the Navy, except the Future Frigates and Air Warfare Destroyers, which will have an Aegis combat system with an Australian developed SAAB interface to manage the non-American systems.

Minister for Defence Industry the Hon Christopher Pyne MP says that this is more good news for Australia’s defence industry, particularly in South Australia where SAAB is headquartered.

“The future is bright for South Australian defence industry with SAAB Australia one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Government’s Combat Management System decision earlier this week,” Minister Pyne said.

“SAAB Australia estimates they will need to employ an additional 150 staff members as a direct result of this decision.

“What we are seeing is a real transition in our economy to advanced manufacturing in defence industry as a direct result of this government’s decisions to carry out it’s $89 billion naval shipbuilding program locally.

“By providing certainty to Australian defence industry the Turnbull Government has provided the foundation on which they can build, grow and invest.

“As a result of the Government has committed to building 9 Future Frigates, 12 Future Submarines and 2 of the 12 Offshore Patrol Vessels in South Australia that naturally flows into benefits into the state economy.

The beauty of continuous shipbuilding is the work has to be done in and around the shipyard and is impossible to outsource which means that Australians can have confidence that the jobs will be in Australia and that they’ll stay in Australia,” he said.

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