Prime Minister, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Defence - North Korean Aggression - Nuclear Test

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Senator the Hon Marise Payne

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4 September 2017

The North Korean regime claims to have conducted a successful test of a nuclear device, with a seismic event of 6.1 magnitude detected at a North Korean nuclear test site.

The regime has claimed to have detonated a hydrogen bomb, although that has not been confirmed.

This would be North Korea’s sixth nuclear test.

Australia utterly condemns North Korea’s flagrant defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions, which ban nuclear weapons development and testing by Kim Jong-un's regime.

We call for the UN Security Council to urgently consider further strong measures that would place pressure on North Korea to change course, and for all nations, especially the Permanent Five UNSC members, to apply the maximum possible pressure to this dangerous pariah regime.

North Korea is the only country that is testing nuclear weapons, and responsibility for the increasing tensions in the region sits with Pyongyang.

North Korea's reckless conduct poses a grave danger to global peace and security.

Australia is doing its part to exert pressure on North Korea through our full implementation of UNSC sanctions and our autonomous sanctions regime.

We have repeatedly said we are committed to the path of diplomatic and economic pressure to resolve this crisis. We will continue to work with our ally and partners to change North Korea’s behaviour and deter it from threatening the region and the world with illegal weapons.

We welcome China’s intent to implement sanctions, and urge it to use its substantial economic and political leverage to rein in North Korea’s actions.

Now is the time for strengthened resolve by all members of the international community.

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