Defence Minister attends United Nations (UN) Peacekeeping Meeting in London

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Senator the Hon Marise Payne

Minister for Defence

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8 September 2016

Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Marise Payne, joined Defence Ministers and representatives from around the world at the UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial Meeting in London today.

The meeting was an opportunity for the international community to review progress against pledges made at the 2015 UN Leaders’ Summit on Peacekeeping, and to discuss how UN peacekeeping can be improved and how to increase the participation of women in peacekeeping.

Minister Payne announced additional funding of $1.2 million over five years to further enhance regional UN peace operations e-learning training, and $90,000 to support the dissemination of UN Protection of Civilians guidelines and policy.

“This additional funding builds on Australia’s proud history as an active and reliable supporter of the UN and demonstrates our enduring commitment to improving UN peacekeeping capacity."

Minister Payne emphasised Australia’s continued commitment to implementing Australia’s 2015 pledge ‘to provide strategic airlift support for UN peacekeeping operations in crisis situations where and whenever we can.’

Since 2015, Australia has progressed this pledge from level one to level two in the UN’s centralised force generation system, referred to as the “Peacekeeping Capability and Readiness System”.

Minister Payne said Australia had also upheld its pledge to train and educate soldiers and police in our region to contribute to peacekeeping operations.

“A range of new peacekeeping training initiatives have been implemented at Australia’s Defence Peace Operations Training Centre, including regional e-learning, increased pre-deployment training and a new humanitarian assistance/disaster relief seminar. Defence is also developing gender advisor training.”

During the meeting, Minister Payne also moderated the 'Women, Peace and Security' session.

“I was honoured to lead today’s discussion.  Australia has been a strong and consistent advocate for the women, peace and security agenda and we are proud to be doing our part to increase the number of women serving in peace and security operations, and supporting inclusive peace processes.”

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Henry Budd (Senator Payne's office) 0429 531 143

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