Minister for Defence Materiel - Joint Strike Fighter opens up a world stage for Australian industry

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The Hon Mal Brough MP

Minister for Defence Materiel and Science

Special Minister of State in the Australian Government

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26 November 2015

Brisbane-based company, Heat Treatment Australia, has been named Commercial Heat Treater of the Year 2016 by the prestigious United States based Metals Technology Institute, following its contribution to the Joint Strike Fighter program.

Minister for Defence Materiel and Science, the Hon Mal Brough MP, today acknowledged both Heat Treatment Australia’s success and the global opportunities the Joint Strike Fighter program is providing Australian industry.

“Heat Treatment Australia has recently qualified to provide a vacuum brazing process for the Joint Strike Fighter. This highly skilled process, undertaken in Brisbane, makes the aircraft stronger and lighter by using a high-end technology to bond metal together and reduce the need for nuts and bolts,” Minister Brough said.

“Heat Treatment Australia’s involvement in the global Joint Strike Fighter program has given the Australian company the opportunity to demonstrate its capability to international customers.

“The Joint Strike Fighter program is opening doors internationally for industry participation and Australian companies are seizing the opportunity to demonstrate the capability, innovation, and value that Australia can provide.

“The return for Australian industry is not only reflected in over half a billion dollars (US$484 million) in Joint Strike Fighter design and production work so far, but also in the diversification and growth opportunities that flow from Joint Strike Fighter industry participation.”

Heat Treatment Australia’s Director of Strategy and Commercial, Karen Stanton said the global F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program had been a significant driver for innovation.

“This technology is particularly sought after in the aerospace industry where one of the key aims of innovation is to reduce weight and increase strength,” she said.

“Heat Treatment Australia has already been involved in the Joint Strike Fighter program production by providing thermal processing for components that have been machined by Australian manufacturers.”

Ms Stanton said there were a number of factors that came together to contribute to their success.

“Professionalism, innovation and a long term view has been pivotal in what we have achieved so far,” Ms Stanton said.

“Heat Treatment Australia has also used Australian Government industry programs that have provided timely assistance along the pathway to achieving Joint Strike Fighter qualification and orders”.

Heat Treatment Australia has worked with major Defence industry companies, including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BAE Systems and Australian Aerospace. In May this year, Heat Treatment Australia also participated in the Team Defence Australia Trade Mission to the United States.

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Chloe Petch (Minister Brough’s office) 0477 395 356
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