Assistant Minister for Defence - Defence Families of Australia Conference opens in Canberra

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The Hon Stuart Robert MP

Assistant Minister for Defence

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13 August 2015

The annual Defence Families of Australia (DFA) conference kicked off in Canberra this week with delegates discussing all matter of issues central to the welfare of Defence families.

Attending the annual conference last night the Assistant Minister for Defence, Stuart Robert, addressed delegates and emphasised the perpetual value of DFA to Defence and the Government.

“Defence’s greatest asset is the committed and dedicated men and women who serve Australia’s national interests. However, it’s the strength, resilience and courage of the families supporting our military members that help make the Australian Defence Force (ADF) a powerful and enduring organisation,” Mr Robert said.

“Defence families face many challenges as a result of a military lifestyle and DFA does amazing work in representing the needs of Defence families and ensuring families are considered during all stages of the policy development process.”

The conference is held annually and is designed to raise awareness of the current issues affecting Defence members and their families while also providing a forum for open communication between Defence families, ADF leaders, the Government and family support providers.

Topics discussed this year included the increasing importance of family communication during deployment and an increased commitment to monitoring the wellbeing of Defence families.

DFA delegates from across Australia met with senior Defence leaders and decision makers from Defence Housing Australia and the Defence Community Organisation.

DFA also continues to build relationships and work with specialised external groups who hold a mutual interest in the support and wellbeing of ADF families including the Defence Special Needs Support Group and the Partners of Veterans Association of Australia.

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