King Harald V of Norway and Norwegian State Secretary of Defence attend Defence Industry Seminar

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The Hon Stuart Robert MP

Assistant Minister for Defence

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23 February 2015

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Assistant Minister for Defence Stuart Robert today welcomed His Majesty King Harald V and Norwegian State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence, Øystein Bø’s, participation in the Australia-Norway Defence Industry Cooperation Seminar in Canberra.

Mr Robert gave the opening address at the seminar where he outlined the strength of the defence relationship between Norway and Australia, including key areas of capability cooperation.

“I was very pleased to welcome His Majesty King Harald V and Mr Bø to Australia and to have the opportunity to discuss how Australia can continue to develop its relationship with Norway,” Mr Robert said.

Australia’s defence ties with Norway have continued to strengthen following operational cooperation in Afghanistan.

“Building on our existing close materiel cooperation, our two countries have forged closer links following the pursuit of our common objectives in Afghanistan. Norway and Australia are also contributing to the fight against Daesh in Iraq,” Mr Robert said.

Mr Robert also met with Mr Bø to discuss Australia’s defence relationship with Norway. Discussions included current global security issues, Australia’s upcoming 2015 Defence White Paper and the situation in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mr Robert and Mr Bø also discussed key areas of bilateral materiel cooperation including Norway and Australia’s acquisition of NH/MRH-90 military helicopters and cooperation on the Joint Strike Fighter Program.

“Norway and Australia’s cooperation across a range of areas demonstrates our intent to work with countries that share our values and belief in maintaining an international rules-based order that promotes freedom, democracy and the rule of law,” Mr Robert said.

While in Australia, His Majesty King Harald V and Mr Bø also met representatives from a number of areas within the Department of Defence and from defence industry.

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