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Senator the Hon David Johnston

Minister for Defence

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9 September 2014

Minister for Defence Senator David Johnston today announced plans to overhaul the Department of Defence’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services and infrastructure through the Centralised Processing Project.

Senator Johnston said the aim is to establish a single, integrated capability for the management and provision of data centre facilities, infrastructure and services at the Unclassified, Restricted and Secret information security domain levels.

"Defence has one of the largest ICT environments in Australia with some 100,000 users and this project will consolidate infrastructure and applications, ensuring more efficient and modern systems for Defence users throughout Australia and the world."

“An effective ICT environment is essential to Defence’s readiness to conduct all operations, including responses to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operation, both at home and abroad,” Senator Johnston said.

Senator Johnston said that in addition to contributing to a safe and secure Australia, this project is good for the Australian ICT industry as this part of the project is worth approximately $800 million over eight years.

The project will be managed by Lockheed Martin and Defence is currently finalising details for the first stage of implementation.

“There has been insufficient capital investment in this capability for several years, and this yet another example of Labor’s neglect that this government is working to fix,” said Senator Johnston.

More information about the Centralised Processing Project is available at:

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