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Senator the Hon David Johnston

Minister for Defence

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28 July 2014

A 50-page Defence Issues Paper, containing a summary of the key issues for consideration in next year’s White Paper, has been released today by Defence Minister David Johnston.

The 2015 Defence White Paper will allow the Government to take stock of the long-term opportunities and challenges for Australia’s defence and security. 

“The purpose of this Defence Issues Paper is to set out the essential and fundamental issues for consideration as part of the development of the Defence White Paper,” Senator Johnston said.

“It is intended to be the starting point of the Government’s consultation with the Australian community. I encourage all Australians to consider the issues raised in this paper and to contribute to the debate on Defence.” 

Topics the 2014 Defence Issues Paper lists for consideration include:

  • challenges and threats to Australia’s security and strategic interests;
  • objectives for the Australian Defence Force to meet these challenges and threats;
  • Australia’s relationships with other countries and international organisations in our region and beyond;
  • priorities for capability investment and industry’s contribution to national security; and.
  • investment in our people and opportunities to enhance Defence culture. 

The White Paper, due for release mid next year, will align Defence policy with a clear military strategy and deliver a costed affordable plan to achieve Australia’s defence and national security objectives.

“The Government is committed to building a strong, capable and sustainable Australian Defence Force that will ensure our security and support our strategic interests,” Senator Johnston said.

The 2014 Defence Issues Paper is available at: 

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