Assistant Minister for Defence - US delegation discusses national security research with Australia

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The Hon Stuart Robert MP

Assistant Minister for Defence

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24 July 2014

Assistant Minister for Defence, Stuart Robert, today hosted a meeting with a delegation from the United States Department of Homeland Security to discuss collaboration on science and technology in support of national security.

“Australia and the United States share similar challenges in relation to national security and our strong cooperation on science and technology will strengthen our capability to address these threats,” Mr Robert said.

“The discussions with the US delegation have proved very valuable in informing our national security science and technology effort and will lead to stronger outcomes for both our countries.” 

In 2006 Australia and the US signed a Treaty on Cooperation in Science and Technology to enable Australian agencies and the US Department of Homeland Security to undertake collaborative research projects and to exchange information in areas of interest for developing national security capabilities.

The US delegation, led by Dr Reginald Brothers, Under Secretary for Science and Technology, discussed cooperation in areas of mutual interest including cyber security, chemical, biological and radiological defence, infrastructure protection and transport security.

Mr Robert thanked Dr Brothers for his ongoing commitment to the dialogue and praised the efforts of US and Australian researchers for their combined work.

“Our dialogue with the Department of Homeland Security is an ideal opportunity for us to learn from each other’s experience and identify any potential areas for further exploration and research so the US and Australia can continue to address emerging threats,” Mr Robert said.

“I look forward to this successful relationship continuing and leveraging partnerships with industry and the academic sector to deliver scientific support to Australia’s national security agencies.”

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