Minister for Defence - Defence Minister in close consultation on Seaward Village plans

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Senator the Hon David Johnston

Minister for Defence

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27 June 2014

Defence Minister David Johnston has reaffirmed the department’s close consultation with families of Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) personnel over any future redevelopment of the Seaward Village residential complex.

“No redevelopment will take place at Seaward Village without extensive consultation with the families of serving defence force personnel living there,” Senator Johnston said today.

The Minister said he was closely monitoring any future development plans for Seaward Village noting he had visited the complex on two occasions this year, in February and April, to personally speak to Defence families and senior SASR staff.

Defence Housing Australia Chief Executive, Peter Howman, told a Senate hearing yesterday that many homes at Seaward Village located at Swanbourne in Perth were old and did not meet “today’s” DHA standards.

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