Assistant Minister for Defence - Australian Defence Force Reserve Allowance Reform

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The Hon Stuart Robert MP

Assistant Minister for Defence

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26 June 2014

Remuneration that better reflects Reservists’ service obligations and contribution to capability have come into effect.

The Assistant Minister for Defence, Stuart Robert, said the Reserve Allowance reforms would not only benefit Reservists, but would also cut red tape.

“The changes to Reserve remuneration reflect the increasing integration of the Reserve workforce into a total ADF workforce model,” Mr Robert said.

“These positive reforms have two objectives. First, to better align Reserve allowances with Permanent Australian Defence Force (ADF) members’ allowances; and second to cut red tape and the administrative burden associated with processing Reserve allowances.

“The change to Reserve Allowance reflects the fact that Reservists are becoming increasingly integrated into the total ADF workforce and experience many of the same challenges as Permanent ADF members on the days they serve.”

Changes include:

• Increasing the rate of Reserve Allowance to 75 per cent of Service Allowance, or $26.56 per day. The old rate was only $13.15 per day, or 37 per cent of the Service Allowance;

• Aligning Reserve eligibility for Separation Allowance with Permanent ADF members, including allowing eligible Reservists to access Separation Allowance for separations from dependants for a period of more than 60 days; and

• Removing the redundant Attendance Allowance.

The new rate of Reserve Allowance also contains a small rolled-in component of Separation Allowance for short term separations from dependants.

“Defence is modernising the way in which Reservists are remunerated for their service and in doing so has removed administrative burdens to both the Reservist and unit clerical staff,” Mr Robert said.

“These changes have been achieved through a fair and transparent process that ensures remuneration reflects an ADF member’s service obligation and contribution.”

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Robert McKellar (Minister Robert’s office) (02) 6277 7730

Defence Media Operations (02) 6127 1999

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