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Senator the Hon David Johnston

Minister for Defence

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2 April 2014

Minister for Defence Senator David Johnston has congratulated Adelaide-based Levett Engineering on the contract award announced by Pratt and Whitney for the manufacture of F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) precision engine components.

Senator Johnston said the contract was another good example of how Australia’s engagement with the JSF Program had afforded Australian industry the ability to develop new capabilities and access new markets.

“With the global fleet of around 3,000 F-35s expected to be manufactured, this contract represents an important step for Levett Engineering. If Levett continues to meet required quality standards it will have the opportunity to secure up to US$200 million in revenue though the JSF production phase,” Senator Johnston said.

“As the only regional Asia-Pacific JSF partner nation, we anticipate that Australian industry will be afforded a range of opportunities in both production and support.”

The F-35 is a genuine 5th generation fighter and will ensure Australia maintains a leading edge air combat capability.

“With the F-35 Program now maturing and production ramping up, the F-35 is expected to represent the bulk of fighter aircraft among the F-35 nations by the mid 2020s,” Senator Johnston said.

The components manufactured by Levett Engineering will be used in the F-135 Pratt and Whitney engine that powers the F-35 JSF.

Levett Engineering is one of 30 Australian companies that have secured work in the global JSF Program.

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