Assistant Minister for Defence Mr Stuart Robert MP - Media Release - Outstanding result in 2014 Army officer appointments to the Royal Military College - Duntroon

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The Hon Stuart Robert MP

Assistant Minister for Defence

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22 January 2014

The Assistant Minister for Defence, Mr Stuart Robert MP, today praised the outstanding recruiting result for this year’s appointments to the Royal Military College - Duntroon.

“I am very pleased to announce that 105 Cadets, including 17 young women, from across Australia have been appointed to the 18-month Staff Cadet course to become Officers in the Australian Army,” Mr Robert said.

“This result represents 100 per cent of the target intake, and is the best result since 2006 when Army achieved 99 per cent of the target intake.”

The Royal Military College - Duntroon (RMC-D) in Canberra is one of the world's most highly regarded military officer training institutions. RMC-D focuses on developing the best qualities in cadets and equipping them with self-confidence, decision making skills, public speaking, problem solving and self-motivation, as well as the ability to motivate and lead others in any situation.

Having attended RMC-D, Mr Robert highlighted the opportunities and life experiences available to this year’s Cadets.

“My experience at Duntroon was one of the highlights of my life where I gained friends along with the skills and confidence to embark on my military and civilian careers.

“We warmly welcome these young men and women into the ADF family. They have made a life-changing decision to serve their country and are now training to be the future leaders of the Australian Army,” Mr Robert said.

Entry to the Australian Defence Force is competitive, but attainable. For more information, go to or call 13 19 01.

State breakdown of intake:

State Number appointed
ACT 13
NSW 29
SA 7
WA 2
VIC 25
NT 0
QLD 29
Total 105

Media contacts:
Richard Briedis (Minister Robert’s Office) (02) 6277 7730 or 0477 391 174
Defence Media Operations (02) 6127 1999

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