Minister for Finance and Minister for Defence - Coalition committed to the efficient delivery of the Air Warfare Destroyer programme

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Senator the Hon David Johnston

Minister for Defence

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18 December 2013

Since coming into Government, I have received detailed briefings from key stakeholders associated with the Air Warfare Destroyer program.

There are clearly issues associated with this important program.

This is part of the legacy of unresolved issues which we have inherited from Labor.

Together with the Minister for Defence we are working to resolve these issues.

We are committed to establishing an independent review into the Air Warfare Destroyer program.

We will provide further details of this review when we finalise the terms of reference in early 2014.

The Government is committed to working collaboratively and constructively to ensure we realise both the national security benefits and the long term benefits of the programme for the Australian shipbuilding industry.


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For Senator Cormann:  Karen Wu    0428 350 139

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