Stealth Technology expert wins Minister's Science Award

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The Hon Stuart Robert MP

Assistant Minister for Defence

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25 November 2013

A stealth technology expert, responsible for significantly enhancing the survivability of military vehicles and vessels, has won the 2013 Minister’s Award for Achievement in Defence Science.

Assistant Minister for Defence, Stuart Robert MP, congratulated Dr Andrew Amiet from the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) for developing new solutions and techniques that have resulted in better stealth technology for Australia.

Mr Robert said Dr Amiet’s advice aided the survivability of current ADF vehicles and vessels and contributed to through-life cost savings and reductions in maintenance requirements.

“Dr Amiet is responsible for developing and evaluating materials with stealth capabilities for use on submarines, ANZAC ships and Army vehicles to minimise their detection by radar, sonar, infrared and other electronic systems, thus significantly improving their operational capability,” Mr Robert said.

“Dr Amiet’s achievement is a fine example of the brilliant scientific minds that make a significant contribution to Defence capability.”

Welcoming the Minister’s recognition, Dr Amiet said his aim has been to provide the Australian Defence Force with a capability edge by reducing the probability of vehicles and vessels being detected and classified, thus enhancing range advantage and increasing the effectiveness of counter measures.

Since 2005 Dr Amiet has led the development, local Australian manufacture by Mackay Consolidated Industries, and the installation of novel radar absorbing materials.

Chief Defence Scientist Dr Alex Zelinsky said Dr Amiet’s outstanding scientific skills and research have delivered a suite of stealth products from very light radar absorbing materials to high-density structural systems which have proved effective in a wide range of ADF applications.

An acknowledged world-leading expert in radar absorbing materials, Dr Amiet is now researching advanced systems based on metamaterials designed to switch on and off between frequencies depending on the environment in which a vessel is operating.

The Minister’s Award for Achievement in Defence Science has been presented annually since 1988, recognising outstanding and original contributions capable of enhancing Australia’s defence effectiveness and efficiency.

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