Assistant Minister for Defence - Australian Defence Force Mental Health Day 2013

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The Hon Stuart Robert MP

Assistant Minister for Defence

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10 October 2013

Assistant Minister for Defence the Hon. Stuart Robert MP has endorsed the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Mental Health Day describing mental health as one of the government's highest priorities in caring for ADF personnel.

The aim of the ADF Mental Health Day is to encourage open and honest discussion about mental health issues, promote awareness of support services, and encourage individuals to seek help early.

This year will focus on the link between a healthy lifestyle and good mental health.

"We recognise the considerable demands that can be placed on Defence personnel and their families and we are committed to ensuring that every member of the ADF has access to the best possible care and support," Mr Robert said.

"Defence has dedicated significant time and effort to mental health research, resilience training, early intervention, and treatment and rehabilitation programs to ensure that personnel are prepared and supported throughout their career."

As an organisation, the ADF is continually making progress and improvements in the range of health and mental health services available to its members and their families. 

Through activities such as ADF Mental Health Day, Defence continues to improve mental health awareness, reduce stigma and barriers to care, and encourage individuals to seek help early.

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