Minister for Defence and Minister for Defence, Sweden – Joint Communique – Submarine Technology

Australia’s Minister for Defence, Stephen Smith and Sweden’s Minister for Defence, the Hon Karin Enström announced today that Australia and Sweden have achieved a significant milestone agreement in relation to Intellectual Property (IP) rights for submarine design and technology.                                                                                        

Australia and Sweden have achieved an important milestone in reaching agreement on Australia’s rights to use Swedish technology (Intellectual Property) for advanced submarine design and production.  

In 1987 Australia ordered six submarines of the Collins Class designed by Kockums AB. The submarines were built in Adelaide and will be in service for another 20 years. The Australian future submarine program, known as Project SEA1000, aims to replace the Collins Class.  

The agreement between the Australian Defence Materiel Organisation and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration provides an opportunity for Swedish engagement in Australia’s future submarine program and also to assist with the maintenance and development of the Collins Class submarines.  

Sweden and Australia have a long-lasting and strong relationship, based on shared values and common strategic interests. Intergovernmental and industrial cooperation has been an important part of this relationship and the agreement opens up further opportunities for enhanced cooperation between the two countries. 

Both Ministers welcomed the agreement and look forward to continuing close cooperation between our two countries.

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