Minister for Defence Materiel – Minister for Defence Materiel chairs Projects of Concern Summit

Minister for Defence Materiel Dr Mike Kelly AM MP has concluded a two-day summit with senior Defence officials and CEOs of defence industry companies that have projects on the Projects of Concern list.

Dr Kelly said the purpose of the summit was to review remediation plans of each Project of Concern, discuss progress since the last summit in November 2012 and assess prospects for removal from the Projects of Concern list.

Since February 2011 the Government has held bi-annual face-to-face meetings with Defence and industry to focus on advancing projects towards completion. This week’s summit was the fifth held since 2011.

“We are seeing tangible benefits in having Government, Defence and Industry representatives discussing issues together and working towards remediation of these troubled projects” Dr Kelly said.

“Ultimately results from these summits will deliver real benefits to the men and women of the Australian Defence Force.”

Since the previous summit, held in November 2012, two projects have been remediated and removed from the list and two new projects added: JP 2086 Phase 1 (Mulwala Redevelopment Project) and LAND 40 Phase 2 (Direct Fire Support Weapons).

Dr Kelly said all parties are working together to achieve the main aim of the Projects of Concern process in putting the projects back on track and removed from the list.

The Projects of Concern process was established by the Government to focus the attention of the highest levels of Government, Defence and Industry on remediating problem projects.

Since the Projects of Concern process was established, 21 projects have been put on the list. Fifteen have since been removed – 13 due to remediation and two due to cancellation.

The current Projects of Concern list is attached.

Projects of Concern List:

Project Description Date Added
CN10 Collins Class Submarines Nov 2008
AIR5402 Multi-role Tanker Transport aircraft – Air to Air Refuelling Capability Oct 2010
AIR5276/8B Electronic Support Measures upgrade for AP-3C Orion aircraft Oct 2010
AIR9000/2,4&6 Multi-Role Helicopter Nov 2011
JP2086 Ph1 Mulwala Redevelopment Project Dec 2012
LAND40 Ph2 Direct Fire Support Weapons Dec 2012


Projects removed from Projects of Concern list:

Project Description Date Removed
SEA1411 Sea Sprite Helicopter (Project cancelled) Mar 2008
AIR87 Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (Remediated) Apr 2008
LAND106 M-113 Armoured Personnel Carrier Upgrade (Remediated) May 2008
JP2088/1A SF Air Drop Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat Trailers (Remediated) Sep 2009
SEA1390/2.1 Guided Missile FFG Upgrade (Remediated) Jan 2010
AIR5416/2 Project  ‘Echidna’ (Scope reduced) Jul 2010
JP2048/1A LCM2000 Watercraft for Amphibious Ships (Project cancelled) Feb 2011
JP2043/3A High Frequency Communications Modernisation (Remediated) Jun 2011
AIR5333 Air Defence Command and Control System ‘Vigilare’ (Remediated) Jun 2011
SEA1448/2B ANZAC-class Anti-Ship Missile Defence (ASMD) (Remediated) Nov 2011
LAND121/3B Medium and heavy vehicles, trailers and modules (Remediated) Dec 2011
JP129/2 Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Remediated) Dec 2011
AIR5418/1 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) (Remediated) Dec 2011
AIR5077/3 ‘Wedgetail Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft (Remediated) Nov 2012
JP2070/2&3 Lightweight torpedo replacement (Remediated) Nov 2012


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