Parliamentary Secretary for Defence – $41m upgrade for DSTO, Fisherman’s Bend

A $41 million security and facilities upgrade for the Defence Science and Technology Organisation’s (DSTO) Human Protection and Performance Division (HPPD) has been referred to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works for consideration. 

The matter was referred to the Committee on Public Works by the Parliamentary Secretary for Defence, Senator David Feeney. 

“HPPD is an important part of this Government’s response to any potential chemical, biological and radiological threats. They serve not only the Australian Defence Force but also play a role in the whole of Government response to any related incident,” Senator Feeney said. 

If approved, the upgrade will improve security and facilities at the DSTO Fisherman’s Bend site in Melbourne.  Improved facilities will result in a greater ability by HPPD to support both the ADF and other Australian Government organisations and agencies when required. 

Subject to Parliamentary approval of this project, construction is expected to commence in mid-2013 and be completed by early 2016. 

Media contact:

Senator Feeney’s Office: Jeffrey von Drehnen 0477 348 476 

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